This Site Made With Bubble?

I thought I read somewhere that the Bubble website itself was created using the Bubble platform. Is that true? Was everything on the Bubble website created with Bubble?

The Bubble website is in Bubble, but this discussion forum uses open source Discourse forum software.

wow. thats funny because bubble is seriously lacking the functions i am looking for like posting a link and getting a screenshot, posting a video url and getting the embedded video, but in this forum those features exist.

That’s because Discourse has a team of developers working on nothing but making forum software. And those embed features took over a year to add. Bubble is about doing many different things. That said, there are plugins that do what you want, like getting a screenshot.

It really depends what you want to achieve, if it’s a forum than use Discourse. A publication, use Ghost or Wordpress.

Discourse uses “markdown” and it is fairly easy to parse markdown and return HTML.

And it even sort of works with videos…

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