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Is this forum built on bubble?

First of all many thank to the dev team for making me dream again. I am non programmer and I wish to leave a corporate world and work from home.

I like the forum here and wanted to know, if this was also built on Bubble.

If yes, then any tutorials or guidance would be cool.

Once again folks. Many thanks. For non programmers like me, this is a great tool.


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Welcome !
no, made with

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Thanks Nicolas

Was the forum installed on Bubble somehow?

How does it share the same user login and authentication?

Is Bubble using the Discourse hosted or self hosted version?

All this time I thought the forum was Bubble. How is the relationship between the Bubble application and the forum “connected”. ?

It’s just another sub domain that redirects to discourse (see the “forum” in We actually use a different hosting for it, it’s quite independent.

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Ok so it’s hosted by Discourse on one of their hosted plans seperate from Bubble?

But how is the relationship built between bubble login and the forum login?

When I log into bubble it logs me in to the forum also and i can access all my apps at the same time.

It looks and works great and I’m just trying to figure out how I can integrate it with my application in this fashion so that the user only needs to log on to my system once.

It’s on Digital Ocean (discourse doesn’t host things for you_.

There is this thing called SSO login to share log in. We don’t expose that to users, but if you wanted to, we can expose it. We’d probably ask you to sponsor it if you want to share credentials though.


Ok. Will reach out to you by email regarding this sponsorship.


Please do so in 2 weeks or so, right now we don’t really have such capacity.

No problem.

Has this feature already been sponsored? I’d like to integrate Discourse credentials with my Bubble App.