Three Nested Repeating Groups

Hello Bubble Community,

I’m struggling a bit to figure out a workaround for my app. I’m building a workout generator (idea is that you input your fitness information and we’re automatically able to generate a workout based on, essentially, a complex decision-tree we design into the back-end logic). I’m stuck at being able to save the “workout program” to the database.

I have 3 repeating groups nested within each other that changes based on the user’s input.

/RG - Week: this is the length of the desired in workout program.


//RG - Day: this is per week availability that a trainee may have per week, which is nested within RG - Week.


Within this repeating group, I have a Multi-select dropdown, that enables the user to select muscle groups that want to tackle that day.


///RG Exercise list: then finally, the day’s list of exercises is another filtered repeating group that displays the exercises that correspond with the initial intake information the client inputs.

One of my attempts, I was able to get it functionally working by

  1. adding an Input Element in both the RG Week and RG Day’s cells
  2. setting a condition, where every time the Multiselect Dropdown’s Value is Changed, it would save the Parent Group (RG - Week) Cell Index Input Element, the Current Cell’s Index (RG - Day)
  3. And then, set list based on the RG - Exercise List

However, that ran much slower than anticipated. And had issues where if I changed the muscle groups too fast, then the actual filtered exercises wouldn’t get saved.

Is there a way where I can just save the entire workout program after the user customizes everything?

Thanks everyone, please let me know if I can clarify on anything!

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Sorry this doesn’t answer your question but nested RG’s with lots of use of advanced filters is going to be very very very slow. It maybe worth looking at your data architecture to see if there is a better way to do this.


All good! Actually, this was a great idea! I recently switched over to the personal plan so I was able to set up some API workflows to handle some of the more advanced filtering. Sped up the process quite a bit.

Still need to figure out how to save the entire workout plan at once, but definitely helped me with the loading issue I was facing earlier.

Thanks @simon!

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Hey! I have a similar case, I have 4 nested repeating groups prone to user changes.

They take aprox 1:20min to load completely (very slow).

I am not using “Do a search for” for better performance. I use "Current cell X:filtered (not using Advanced filters) ".

I am curious, could you please share what you did with the API workflows or whatever helped you in order to improve your loading speed? What is your loading time now?


Hi all i am facing this issue with nested repeating group . Do let me know if u have any solution .