Populating a repeating group with database that is a list of things

So currently I have a database that is populated from an api response. The API response is 20 items, each with 5 parameters. When it gets saved to the database, each parameter gets saved as a list into each field of the database. In other words, one record in the database has 5 fields, each with a list of items in it.

I am now trying to populate a repeating group with those lists however, my repeating group only shows one item in it as it is clearly seeing only one record. Am I going about this all wrong? Should I be saving the 20 items in the api response to individual records? If so, how do I do that? If not, how do I get the repeating group to pull all 20 items within the one record?

Here’s how I have it set up for the repeating group:

and here’s how I have the text field working:

If I change “current cell’s index” to 2 or 3 or anything 20 or less, it will pull the correct wine name, so I think that means its set up in the database properly.


I found this article which answered my question

I am now looking to filter my results. My setup of nested RG’s is as per the article I linked to (child RG within parent RG) but the following filtering metric doesn’t seem to work (filtering by “current cell’s recos”):

I also tried filtering by “current cell’s index” and that also did not work.

Filtering only seems to work when you filter by this metric (“This number”) however this filtering method doesn’t allow me to filter by what I want to filter by:

For reference, I have my parent RG set up like this:

And the child RG is set up as shown in the first two pictures.

Also, when I say “doesn’t work” when referring to the filtering, the RG renders blank.

I really need some help figuring out how to filter my results in this nested set up. The reason I need this nested RG setup is because it seems that is the only way to display the results of a dataset which is comprised of a list.

Thanks in advance

So I finally solved my problem. Just posting here for anyone also running into the same issue. This is how I filtered it. I’m pretty sure the “converted to list” isn’t necessary but it currently works and I don’t really want to go to the effort of removing it. You know the old, if it ain’t broke thing…

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I need help with the first part of this.

The attached screenshot shows that all I get as an option is “each items design files”

If there is 1 file in the list it shows in the repeating group.
If there are 2 or more files / filenames it wont show.

the repeating group cell is set to dynamic image - current cell’s file

Have you inspected the element in debug mode? What does it say there for the data source?