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Populating a repeating group with database that is a list of things

So currently I have a database that is populated from an api response. The API response is 20 items, each with 5 parameters. When it gets saved to the database, each parameter gets saved as a list into each field of the database. In other words, one record in the database has 5 fields, each with a list of items in it.

I am now trying to populate a repeating group with those lists however, my repeating group only shows one item in it as it is clearly seeing only one record. Am I going about this all wrong? Should I be saving the 20 items in the api response to individual records? If so, how do I do that? If not, how do I get the repeating group to pull all 20 items within the one record?

Here’s how I have it set up for the repeating group:

and here’s how I have the text field working:

If I change “current cell’s index” to 2 or 3 or anything 20 or less, it will pull the correct wine name, so I think that means its set up in the database properly.


I found this article which answered my question