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Time in bubble without date

is there a way to only show the time and not the full date and time? i just want the time or time stamp when a user makes a post, not the whole date and time. or is there a way to hide the date, but keep the time?

Use the :formatted as option after the date, and you’ll see several options for displaying date and/or time.


Text element - dynmc - current date - formatted : … but how to… set it in 30 min or 60 min

i wanted to ave the same …

Current Date

  1. current date/time (Start/time) hh:00 to +hour
  2. current date/time 1+hour to 2+hour
  3. current date/time 2+hour to hh:00 (Closing Time)

Current Date + 1

  1. current date/time+1 (Start/time) hh:00 to +hour
  2. current date/time+1 1+hour to 2+hour
  3. current date/time+1 2+hour to hh:00 (Closing Time)

@romanmg would you kindly show the formating.

Thank you

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