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[SOLVED] Dynamic Date & Time changes

Hi all,

Firstly, just came across Bubble a few days ago - loving it!!!

I’ve looked through the forum and can’t find the solution I am looking for so thought I’d ask a question.

How can I display current date/time + x days/hours.

Eg. I want to display two options for users,

One - today’s date/time + 24 hours, and
Two - today’s date/time + 36 hours

Can this be done?

I worked it out!

Sorry such a newb question haha.

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If you some learnings to share its be great :slight_smile:


So basically I just went to the text element and used the insert dynamic data and followed that through so that it looks like this:

Current date/time +(days): 1:formatted as Monday, May 30, 2016

I had seen that previously but didn’t understand how to add the 1 day after. But worked it out.

Thanks for creating such an amazing software Emmanuel. I am involved in the business/start up community in Australia and I’ve been telling heaps of people about Bubble and they all love it!

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