Time Range Without Date

I’m trying to create simple conditionals with times ranges so that based on the time of day, the app will say “Good morning/Good afternoon, Good Evening, Current User.” The arbitrary time option works well, but Bubble forces a date into this. That makes it work for only one day.

How can I remove the date from the time? I just want to say, “If it’s from midnight to 11:59:59, it’s morning.” I have the range formula down (time<- range → time contains point Current date/time

I just need the simple time variables.

Hi there, @bryan.beneker… here are a couple of threads that should help you do what you described.


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Hey @mikeloc ! Sorry, I was working through another problem that was giving me fits. Thank you for passing this along. I will take a look at this and get back to you!

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@mikeloc Thank you for pointing these out to me! They certainly did the trick!

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