Timestamp x Timezone API bubble

My friends I need some help with the time zone.

I have the following situation!

I have an app where the customer enters their opening hours and I save the timestamp.
So far so good, but I consume this value via API. From 9 am in my country, which is Brazil, things start to get into trouble, as the closing timestap itself in the format [1-1-1970 10:30 pm] becomes [2-1-1970 01:30 am] .

I cannot in any way make the time remain the same and when I compare it with the current time of the error because there is this change.

It was saved by the client at this time.

But this is how the API returns.

My Backend workflow

With this divergence I can’t make any condition work.

Anyone who can help?

Can you share settings for timeclose formatted as?

Don’t forget that timestamp / date are UTC stored in Bubble.
So you may need to set a specific timezone in your settings for Return data from API