Timesy - Employee holiday / Vacation Planner now live

Hi Everyone,

I joined Bubble back in Jan 2018 and have finally got round to finishing my first app. My app is called Timesy, which is an employee annual leave / vacation planner Sass app.


Timesy is aimed at small and independent business with 4-20 employees and replaces spreadsheets, paper forms and wall charts. Instead, it allows employees to book time off online, sending an email to their manager that they can approve or decline with one click.

The app then adds this to a team calendar so everyone can see who is off and when, but more importantly keeps their yearly holiday allowance up to date.

It’s taken me about 4 months to build in the evenings and at weekends and has some nice Bubble features built in.

Key features:

  • Hierarchy system - Add multiple companies, teams and employees

  • Customise the platform with logo and brand colours

  • Book time off - Calendar picker that accounts for public holidays, their work schedule and days booked off already

  • Each employee can add their working schedule (Mon-Fri) including half days/ full days

  • 3 permission levels - An employee, an approver of holiday requests or an admin where they can edit the whole company settings

  • SendGrid email integration, with one click holiday approval for managers

  • Yearly calendar view - with holiday allowance tracker

  • Staff directory and manager reporting

Here are some screenshots



Only launching officially last month, I already have a paying customer which is friends with business but still its nice to get some early users and to get some initial feedback.

I just want to thank a few people:

@keith - For building Calendar Grid Pro. CGP is at the heart of my app and just want to thank you for all your support getting the plugin setup

@emmanuel @josh & the team - Of course for building Bubble and making it easier than ever for non-coders to be able to build full scale apps

@copilot - For your payment integration course - wouldn’t have been able to configure Stripe without it

@romanmg - For your YouTube channel - really helped me in the early days with the Bubble basics

@luke2 & @patricia for your help in the early days - you probably don’t remember but it really helped

What’s next?

Timesy is constantly evolving (nearly on a daily basis) I still have a few more things I would like to add, but the main thing now is to get it out there and get more people using it.

So, please take a look around and let me know what you think and of course if you know anyone that could benefit from an annual holiday / vacation planner then please share this link


If anyone knows how to integrate FullCallendar with Outlook and Gmail that would be amazing and would really help me bring the app to the next level.

Thanks Dudley


Very nice work @dudders9

From the screenshots, the interface looks really tidy and vibrant. If you need any bug testing, give me a shout.

It might be worth mentioning that the frontend if WordPress before people ask :wink:

I have spotted a couple of minor bugs/issues - I’ll PM them to you, rather than clutter this post.

All the best,

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Hey @luke2

Appreciate you having a look around. Yes, good point. The one-page landing page is made on WordPress but the whole SaaS app (screenshots) is completely built on bubble.

If you could send over any bugs that would be great

Thanks Dudley

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I saw your app before on nucode and was impressed by the design. Any ideas yet on marketing and your strategy?

I was planning a similar venture to build a CRM for small businesses like lessannoyingcrm.

Congratulations on your launch!


Your pricing should increase. This is worth at least 5 USD per employee. 0.50 cents won’t convince anyone to take your business seriously.

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Hey @nocodeventure thanks for your feedback on the site and the pricing. Other competitors in the UK are a similar price, so I don’t want to price myself out of the market. Also want it a low amount the company think it’s a no-brainer.

Will be doing some local ads and LinkedIn as well to grow the users

I think you should realize a 1000 active customers will cost you more than 500 USD per month to maintain.

You can easily make it a dollar if you want to stay competitive in your local area. Pricing doesn’t matter. If I need it for my business and I like the way it works I’m would be willing to pay 5 usd per employee.

You can eventually lower your pricing, going up would have a negative impact in trust.

Delighted for you @dudders9 - I remember you. Glad I was able to help.

@nocodeventure yeah I understand what your saying. Have been debating the pricing for a while, and your feedback is great to prove that people would pay more. It’s also a sign of quality.

Thanks very much @patricia ,your help with forming multiple companies is the basis of my SaaS platform. Really appreciate it and didn’t forget

Yes definitely. Everything usually in this price category it’s not worth competing with price. I wish you the best.

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@dudders9 this is a really nice looking app !! Clean and bright UI. Congratulations on your launch.

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@nocodeventure - this intrigues me. Have you found a typical “cost to maintain per active customer” number that holds reliably true for bubble apps?

Does this mean that low-cost or freemium apps are not economically viable when built with bubble?

@jimber.goin Have you ever seen a saas charging 50 cents?

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@jimber.goin I think @nocodeventure was referring to customer service and issues rather than the bubble platform. Timesy is aimed at the b2b customer with 10+ employees so each client is worth £60 a year. Once I have 5-10 companies onboard and the app is solid I will look at raising the prices for new customers. Pricing is always a funny one but my competitor is doing £30k per month need to compete on price for the time being.

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Really appreciate everyone on the forum who has checked out Timesy over the last few days and even created an account!

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Looks great @dudders9

Really nice UI! Would you be up for doing an interview for No Code Founders?


Was the landing page designed on bubble?

The landing page is built with WordPress just for SEO and blogging reasons. https://dashboard.timesy.app is completely built on bubble and runs the whole SaaS app. Thanks