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When a user “like” or “dislike”, I need to save it in database. And it’s not good, because speed became very slow. Also when item is “liked” or “disliked”, I need to delete it from the list and show next item. And this is also not good, because when I try to show next item, it takes about 2-5 seconds for pictureuploader to update

Hey @vovahumnytskiy :wave:

Which plugin are you using? It makes a big difference.

This one Tinder Swipe Plugin works a lot better for me and gives control over when the next slide is shown. It also allows for a ‘when tinder pile is empty’ function.

I was struggling a lot with the other tinder plugin and changing over made a huge difference. It might not fix your issue though, it just has some added features that might help.

I’m sure the speed loading could be for many reasons though. One thing you could try is, uploading the images with the image uploader (instead of through the bubble database tab) and use the checkbox ‘limit file size’ which will make for faster loading of images.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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  1. I use 0 plugins, don’t have swiping feature, just “like”/“dislike” buttons. The plugin that you mentioned seems to not have a trustable contributor (I mean, it isn’t build by Bubble, I prefer to avoid using third-party contributors), but if you say it works well for you, then I would try.
  2. I don’t show list of images from database, I use hidden Repeating group where I specify a data source of my desired thing that has “Picture” column

Hey @vovahumnytskiy :wave:

Oh, ok. Well if you don’t need the functionality, then there is no point using the plugin. If you don’t need the plugin, it’s always better to go without it. :+1:

How do you display the picture? Is it from an API?

I get my content from Bubble database

So how are you uploading your image to the Bubble database? Through the database tab?

Maybe make a video or share your editor so we can get more context, we are just guessing what the issue could be at the moment. :blush:

My best guess is either the data source is too large or the image resolution/size is too large.

Hard to know without more context though. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thank you for sharing the video in the PM. :blush: It was very helpful.

You are using some good techniques to show the images faster, by loading the image on the page before you display it to the user. That is good. Maybe you can also pre-load the #2 image as well. Then maybe it will show the next one faster too. What do you think about that? Maybe that will work.

Hope that helps a bit. :blush: Keep up the good work, you are doing some pretty complicated work there and it seems you understand how to make things work faster. Good job!

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thanks, I did not think earlier I can preload 2nd image. Would try it. Thanks!

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No problem, hope that works for your situation. :blush:

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