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I am having a challenge filtering out the results. I have below what I am using as filters. Currently, it filters out yourself, and filters so that the pile card is not in the current user’s matches or nonmatches. The problem is that it ALWAYS returns the same accounts. Even after liking/disliking. In the live version, I swipe on the top of the pile using my admin account for testing, and when I load the page again, the same user is back at the top of the pile. I can go into the database and see the records having been generated in the match/nonmatch appropriately. Something is not working somewhere in the logic of the filters.

Oh mighty bubble forum members, any suggestions?

hmm, well im not a “mighty” bubble forum member lol, but on second look, why is your search trying to search the other users matches? Looks like it would be searching my matches’ matches? is that what you’re going for?

seems you should simply say: uniqueid isn’t in “Current users’ MyMatches or current users MyNonMatches”

The Tinder Pile (item to left) shows all users that do not include the Current User. I’ll check to make sure that the rest is pointing in the right direction. It is supposed to make sure the Current User is not inside of the Match or NonMatch of the people in the pile. That way if someone says Yes/No to the Current User, they no longer show. Saying that out loud, I need to remove one of those to include the people who say yes but are not mutually matched, that shouldn’t stop this, though…

I got it! Turns out, while I was testing, I removed the Create Record of the workflow to make sure I had cards to slide O.O I 100% forgot. So I went back in, added the current user and the TinerPileUser to the same record, then linked it to the Current User Profile (as a result of step 1) and it all works perfectly.

The search returns all users minus current user, and anyone who’s unique ID shows in the Current User’s My Matches


Here are images showing the solution that worked.

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Glad it’s working for you! Just keep in mind that’s some pretty intense searching and filtering for bubble to do, i’d recommend testing it with a couple thousand items in the database to see if users will experience a slow-down in initial load times upon app launch… i’d be curious to know if it stays fast as it is, or slows exponentially over time :thinking:

I’d even recommend asking some more experienced bubbler’s if you have structured your database in the most efficient way for your use case, before you get to far into it …perhaps someone could advise a more efficient way to search/filter the cards (in my app even some fairly simple searches through 1000+ items takes a couple seconds)

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will absolutely add more records to test out. I’ve not used it over 250 thus far, so not a bad idea. However, the reason I have it look inside their nonmatches and not just the current user’s is because if they don’t want to see the current user, the current user should never see them, even once. I understand it would be faster the other way around shrugs to me that is a safety concern since these persons could potentially be within X distance of one another when matched.

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as soon as I hit enter, I realized I am having the workflow add into each persons NonMatch, so that would definitely save some computing power. I’m not working on this app again until Friday or Saturday, so I’m adding this to my task list.

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