Filters for Tinder Pile Help

When trying to add filters/conditions to the tinder like pile, it doesn’t seem like the pile is recognizing the conditions.
For example, I created a dropdown input where you can select gender. Male or Female.
I then want the tinder like pile data source to pull from my data, that contains the same as selected from the dropdown.

Everything seems to be correct, but the tinder pile still just shows all of the data (male and female).

Please help?

Hello @bbowman91

This is definitely a bug that I created reports about before, but as far as I understand the team does not want to deal with this plugin.

You can use a hidden repeating group to overcome it, and show the repating group to Pile’s data source. As the number of users increases, this will cause other problems, but this is the best method you can use for now.

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