Tinder Pile is not synchronizing with related group of users

I am using the tinder plugin. I have created a group with type user and data source tinder pile current slide, inside the group i am showing some details of the current slide shown in the tinder pile. However whenever i swipe the tinderpile to check the next user the information shown in the group is related to the first user not to the new user.

Any idea of why might this be happening?

First of all, welcome to the community @jdiazarmas . There are many people who can help you here, but they need to know more.

A few screenshots would be nice.

I’ve used Tinderpile before, and I’m having a data refresh problem (I also created a bug report), but this problem occurred when I changed the data source.

It worked fine if I didn’t interfere with the data source.

Make sure the data is in the right place
You should review if you added a privacy rules

If you manipulate the data source with conditions or set state, here is the solution to the problem.
I was able to solve the problem in Tinderpile

Or you can share more information
Good Luck!

I upload some screenshots.
As you can see with the configuration shown the details of one user (in the group with the square texts) remains the same despite i swipe right the current slide.

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I think there are some issues in this plugin. Unfortunately, they have no priorities for repair

You can do it this way. I turned the data source into an RG and made it invisible. Please check what’s in the element tree.

Run Mode: https://takeaname.bubbleapps.io/version-test/tinderpile

Editor : https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=tinderpile&id=takeaname&tab=tabs-1

Good luck with

Thanks a lot mate. Your solution worked and it was really cleaver. What i do not understand is the first box in the work flow because for me it worked without it. What is its purporse?

TinderPile’s behavior is strange. I didn’t get the result I expected before creating the workflow you were talking about. If you can use it without this workflow, go ahead, the less workflow the better.

I’m glad it works for you

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Thanks ambar, you have been of much help :slightly_smiling_face:

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