Issue with the TinderLike-Pile plug-in


I am trying to use the tinder like plug-in. It turns out that when a tinderLike-Pile recieves a set of data that is filtered and sorted, there is a missmach that appears between the picture displayed in the plug-in and the element returned by the element in the method “ThisTinderPile.currentCard”.
This never occurs with the first card, but only after swiping a few card.

That is quite annoying since it means the actiosn carried out by the workflow when a card is swiped, is not taking place on the correct data item.

Any idea how to sort this out?

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Nobody is able to help?


I set up the tinderpile for my app as a test bed.

Is this the format your looking for?


Thanks. Yes this what I used. Hwover, the issue is still there:

  • I included a constraint in the search for the tinderbox
  • I have a workflow, that upon tinder card swipe makes changes to the current tinder card
  • After the first tinder card swipe, I have a missmatch in what the tinder pile shows and what “thisTinderPile’s CurrentCard” is returning as a result. This is shown here, the textbox on the right is showing the result of “this TinderPile Current Card Description”. It should match with the tinder pile, but it does not.

You can look this up here: Testtinder

Thanks for your help!

Takin’ a gander. No worries. From what I can gather, it totally works…


Thanks for the efforts. The issue persists. You need to check out the index page in the test app I provided.

Alternatively you can test it here:

Thanks for the continued effort anyway!


The issue is still there: Mismatch between this.tinderPile.currentCard and what the TinderPile is displaying.
It is quite a nasty bug!

Can someone help?

You can check out the test app that shows the issue here:

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Give it another whirl. I updated the information with what you already had before. When you encounter bugs like this, try deleting the data, then inserting it again. Bubble gets a little wonky at times but usually fixes itself if your logic is right (which it is).

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I’m having the same problem, have you found any solution? Deleting the data didn’t change the mis adding elements for me.



No, unfortunately the issue persists. As of now it is impossible to use the tinder pile, taking actions on the data whilst having a constraint in the “data search” of the tinderbox.
So if you want to filter only for cards that the user has not seen, whilst ticking which cards the user has swiped to avoid showing them the next he visits the page, it is impossible to implement.

Hi! this was resolved at the end? I now it has been more than two years but I’m having exactly the same issue and I don’t know what to do


Check if you have two workflows that are running at the same time when doing an action with the tinder current card.

Usually this happens because you have a workflow with actions that activates a button that swipes the card to the right or the left, and then you also have a separate workflow with the same actions when the card is manually swiped.

This causes that the app run the two workflows at the same time, which may cause the mismatch of the card given and the card wanted.

The proper set up should be:

  1. Workflow condition —> when this button is clicked: Action —> Swipe card to the right

  2. Workflow condition —> when card is swipe to the right: Action —> Group of actions you want to activate for the current card.

do not duplicate the actions in the first workflow, you only need them in the second workflow. that way will work when the user clicks the button and when manually swipes the card.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: