Tink API - oAuth2 User-flow


Great to be back on bubble after a long time away!

I wondered if anyone could help. I am attempting to link my app to the Tink API (Open Banking) to allow my app users to link their bank accounts and pull in transactions data etc.

I am using the Bubble Api Connector and using the oAuth2 User-Agent flow with the following added as per the documentation

The system doesn’t use email addresses but instead uses user ID to identify users linking their bank accounts. https://docs.tink.com/api/#get-the-user

I have added my client id and client Secret correctly as stated in the Tink dashboard and added my bubble app callback URI ( Test version & with Debug mode on url)

My current workflow

user logs into app
clicks on button link bank account
workflow initiates the Action Signup/login with API ( Select Tink as provider)
user is taken to portal to connect bank account

they are then taken but to my bubble apps URI after Tink confirms successful link

On the users return bubble then gives an error see below

If anyone has any ideas of what I could be doing wrong or if I am missing something it would be greatly appreciated. I have tested the connection in postman and it works no problem retrieves and code and exchanges for access token.


Did you try to setup the OAuth manually instead of the predefined method in the API connector. This was you are not faced with any limitations?

Thanks for your reply. Yes tried the maual way in the following steps.

user is directed to authorization page when they click on button
they then login and are directed back to bubble app
the code for exchange is in url so I take and add to user databse field
i then set up post api call to acess token endpoint and request access token for future api calls.

Unfortunately this didnt work. I will keep going and see if I can get it to work

Did you find a solution for to your problem ?

Have you managed to do it?
If yes maybe I can buy you a license to use your app :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not yet, will be heading back to complete the app in a couple of days. Will let you know if I can get it to work

You should try to use “username” in email field. According to the doc, the email is in this field.

Have you managed to do it?

Hi, I am actually working on it at the moment.

Will post back if I managed to get it working.

Amazing, thanks

Hi everybody,
sorry for the delay . Here is how i managed to connect Tink API.

Thanks for sharing your workflow. Unfortunately when redirected back to bubble I get this message “API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Tink is not configured properly - Received error from api” which is strange as the token is exchange and the credential ID is correctly input into the url.

Could you share a printscreen of your Call ?


I am using Tink in live mode, so no test need on url

It looks ok! Please share a printscreen of App Setting in Tink

Hi Steve, thanks for sharing with regards to this, much appreciated! Could you please show a print screen of what your call looks like? I am having authorisation problems when trying to follow your steps

here you go

Managed to get it working! the url I entered for the user profile endpoint was missing the “i” in /api/

Anyone else still getting errors?

I am still having issues with authentication & authorization step. I don’t really know what to do after having set up the oAuth2 User-agent flow according to what you have done.

  1. I have set up the Oauth2 User agent flow according to the first picture below
  2. I have build a user flow, where the user logs in to my app, then clicks on a link taking it to the Tink page (i.e. the tink-link with my clientID and redirect URI, which is a blank page on my app)
  3. I run the flow as a user, logging myself in at the app, navigating to the Tink-page, entering my bank details and get redirect back to the bubble app with a account_verification_report_id in the URL
  4. I then enter the following details (see picture 2) in an API call, but as soon as I click on “initiate call” I get the following error message. “There was an issue setting up your call. Raw response for the API. Status code 401. Unauthorized”.
  5. I tried to initiate the call again after having removed the account_verification_report_id from the get command (i.e. running it on https://api.tink.com/api/v1/account-verification-reports/) , though I get the following error message in that case: “There was an issue setting up your call. Raw response for the API Status code 405 Method Not Allowed”

Any ideas on what I should do differently?


It looks like the OAuth2 flow has not been initialised yet.

The login workflow needs to be for example;

1.User clicks login button-----> sign up/ login with social network-----> Select the Tink Api from the dropdown

  1. to initialise the OAuth2 flow you need to be in debug mode so make sure ?debug_mode=true is on the end of your URL.


  1. Now click the element in your app that initiates the tink login workflow on your app----> verify with tink-----> redirects you back to you app with a success message


  1. Now in the api connector you should no longer have the warning message at the bottom

  1. Now your get response should be authorised and the information will be sent back.

Hope it works! let me know if not.