New Toasty Notifications Plugin!

Hey all! :wave:

Here to launch my new plugin - a toasty notifications plugin. Appreciate there are others out there, but didn’t feel like current notification UI matched my needs.

Plugin comes with four standard themes:

  • Success, information, warning and error.


At the moment, notifications are customisable by:

  • Theme
  • Message content
  • Position on screen (left, centre or right)
  • Time shown on screen
  • Whether a user can close a notification or not.

Further customisation is planned, with a progress bar to sit across the base, alongside theme customisation (colour and box icon selection).

Each Toasty notification is triggered through a workflow event, which proceeds to show Toasts on screen (also known as Alerts, Messages or Notifications).

Multiple notifications can be shown at once - each stacking neatly on top of one another.

Toasty Notifications are fully responsive and mobile tested!

See this plugin in action here:

View the plugin in the editor here:

Any questions, just hit me on the forum!