[Tip] Easy Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

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Here is a quick tip on a good site we found for generating privacy policy, terms of service and cookie policy. It is $10/month and they host the policies on their servers so you can easily just link your users to your policy. It is free if you only create 1 policy with them but you will likely be creating 2 (Privacy and TOS).

It is super easy to customize the policies to your liking and that fits your app. You can create unlimited policies/edits with the $10/month plan so it can cover all your apps (or client’s apps). This is great resource and usually takes no more then 10 minutes to create.

Disclaimers: We are not affiliated with Termly, just telling of this cool resource. This is not meant to be a substitute to professional legal advice.

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I have been using that for my site. Works well. I can even download it as a PDF.

I do agree that Termly is a good product. From my experience, it’s solid so long as you’re producing a fairly standard ToS / Privacy Policy.

I ran into some frustrations with their customer support a few months ago when asking for ability to make some granular edits beyond what the wizard produces. Hopefully they’ve built things out further. Overall a great product.