Privacy Policy Generator 🚀

Hello, my friends!

Launched our 3-month project!

In fact, the development took up to 10 days, the rest of the time took legal advice.

In Turkey, the first privacy policy generator, able to create without writing a single line of code! Thanks @Bubble

Customizable for websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, and web apps! If one day you’ll come to offer services in Turkey, you may need :smile:

Here are a few screenshots

Thank you!


Hello all,

This content certainly belongs in the Showcase category. Great work, and happy to see content that could make Bubble more accessible!


Thank you @eve

Is there english language for this? :slight_smile:

Hi @shu.teopengco

Unfortunately, in compliance with the laws of Turkey. I thought of it, but lawyers can be really expensive and there are a lot of competitors. There are many English versions, I bought it from in my current project.

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