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Welcome to TNC Restaurant (KhanaGhar), your ultimate destination for hassle-free table bookings and seamless dining experiences. Our user-friendly template allows you to effortlessly reserve table.

With TNC Restaurant (KhanaGhar), users can easily browse through a curated selection of restaurants, view their availability, and secure their preferred time slot right from the comfort of their own homes.

Our intuitive dashboard provides users with all the information they need, including details about their upcoming bookings, and past reservations, available at their chosen dining establishments.

But that’s not all -TNC Restaurant (KhanaGhar) also offers a comprehensive platform for restaurant owners and administrators to manage their establishments efficiently. Our admin panel provides restaurant owners with the tools they need to oversee table availability, manage bookings, and monitor their restaurant’s performance in real time. Whether it’s updating timings and dates, or tracking reservation trends, our platform empowers restaurant owners to streamline their operations and provide exceptional service to their guests.


  1. Intuitive Dashboard: The platform offers an intuitive dashboard for both users and restaurant owners/administrators. Users can manage their bookings, while restaurant owners can oversee table availability, manage bookings, and monitor restaurant performance in real-time.
  2. Comprehensive Information: Users have access to detailed information about their upcoming bookings and past reservations, as well as details about the dining establishments available.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Restaurant owners can use the admin panel to update timings and dates, track reservation trends, and efficiently manage their establishments.
  4. Exceptional Service: By providing tools to streamline operations, KhanaGhar empowers restaurant owners to deliver exceptional service to their guests.
  5. Admin Dashboard: Offers comprehensive management tools for overseeing the entire platform, including managing restaurants, bookings, and performance monitoring.
  6. User Dashboard: Allows users to book tables, manage their bookings, and access relevant information easily.


Link- Khanaghar
Password- admin123

Demo user link - Khanaghar
Password- user123

Sure, I can provide information about forum posting related to TNC Restaurant (KhanaGhar). Here’s a paragraph that summarizes the feedback and suggestions from various forum posts:
Forum posts about TNC Restaurant (KhanaGhar) suggest that users appreciate the simplicity and cleanliness of the site, but they would like to see more pictures of the restaurant and food. Some users have pointed out the absence of a Mobirise logo on the booking page, suggesting that it could be confusing. Additionally, some users have expressed the need for an imprint, privacy declaration, and a cookie message to comply with EU regulations. The “Our Guests” block has been identified as an area for improvement, with users suggesting that it could feature more articles. Lastly, users have suggested that the people in the first picture should look into the camera to create a more welcoming atmosphere. These suggestions can be useful for improving the user experience and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Thanks @johndey.ams for the feedback we will surely improvise as per suggestion and work on it. Again thanks a lot for sharing the feedback