To disable the Radio button in between the time

Hi, I have a radio button, which have 3 lines. The condition which I want is, the first line should be shown to the users only between 09:00 to 15:00. And then It should be disabled for all users.

No conditions on the next 2 lines.

Thanks in advance.

There’s no option as I know to uncheck a line. You can separated each radio button and add your condition to the first one based on hour. On each radio button, you run an action (on changed) that check and uncheck all other 2. Some javascript expert here can probably proposed another way (I’m waiting for) :slight_smile:

This is okay, but how will I match the time range? Here when I format the time, It takes it as a text. It is very confusing. :frowning:

Always many ways with Bubble, but this one must work:


I have separated each radio button, added the conditions to the first one based on hours as you mentioned (we need to put these above mentioned conditions together in a line, and it works), and it is working fine. Now the first line has hidden.

But now I am not able to run the action to check and unchecked the buttons. In this condition, each radio button is getting checked.

On each radio button, create a state (on off) and apply on each radio condition When : state (on off) is ON, the Default : checked. No way in action to do it. :sweat_smile: And yes, the two conditions must be together with an AND operator (updated).


Just got another idea, simply put a shade in front of line 1, and keep your original design. The only problem is the grey thing… opacity must work here.

The last option will be created your own icon and make it as described.

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Inspired by this trick, I replaced the Radio buttons by the Normal Buttons. Check below how it is working.

Better looking, great :slight_smile:

Thank you @JohnMark, for helping me out. :slight_smile:

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