Todays api webinar

@neerja is the recording of todays api webinar available?


Thanks for checking-in. We will send a link to the video recording shortly.



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I registered but miss the webinar can you send the recording to me.Thanks

@meritacc2017 Will do

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​As promised, the video recording for Bubble Webinars: Getting Started - Using the API Connector is now available on our YouTube channel.


LLove that you did an oAuth signin workflow in this. Should help a lot of folks. I love that this was aimed at noobs but also didn’t soft pedal or handwave on stuff.

Really good content!


I’m really excited to watch this! Thanks you so much neerja!

These type of webinars will be absolute gold for newcomers and none code people alike.

Keep them coming! Awesome work


It’ll be great to have API webinar for integration with payment gateway using API connector other than stripe or paypal .Please let me know thanks

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Hey @neerja,

I finally got around to watching this API webinar, however, i think I’m too late. Unfortunately, the LinkedIn API developer documentation has updated and nothing looks the same. :confused: I keep getting this error “Access to posting shares denied” and I can’t figure out where i am going wrong. Let me know if you can give me some direction. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Seems like i can’t get any API working at the moment. It seems pretty basic but doesn’t seem to be working at all for me right now.

Frustrating to watch the whole webinar video just to see that it doesn’t actually work in the video as well as for me. Felt like a waste of a few hours.