Toggle Focus Group - Impossible

i’m trying to make a button toggle its reference Focus Group, but it wouldn’t work because since it’s a focus group, bubble will first hide the group when you click the button (outside the Focus Group), which will toggle it it back on.

Any help?


I’ve found a better way to achieve this (the above example by @anon65040322 works, however, can be inconsistent sometimes). I’ll update soon with editor and preview examples.

[UPDATE] Below are the links to the editor page and the preview page. I have also included a screenshot highlighting an important part of this technique. Although the technique is somewhat similar to @anon65040322’s and involves more workflows, it is consistent and still relatively quick to set up. Hope this helps you @cheskiefisch !




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its the same lol, can you not mention me.

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No worries @anon65040322 I won’t do it again @anon65040322

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