Toggling the state of a Yes/No database field

I have a database with one of the fields named “Selected” and it’s set to Yes/No format. What I’m able to do now is have the user set this field to “Yes” by clicking on images in the web page (which then covers the image with a colored shape set to 25% opacity). They can click this image again (actually clicking the colored shape) to set the field back to “No”.

I’m having difficulty setting up the workflow to read from the database to retain the selected colored shape effect when refreshing the page or returning to this page from another page.

If the page gets refreshed or the user returns to this page from another, the visible status of those items selected goes away. The database field remains set to “Yes” but I can’t figure out how to toggle the colored shape on or off according to what the database has set in the “Selected” field.

The solution I found was to set a Conditional on the cover shape where the “Current Cells Property’s Selected” makes the cover visible.

Property is the database and Selected is a Yes/No field.