Token Reduction

Hello everyone, I’m creating a website (
This website generates answers just like chatgpt but in a modified way.
I designed this website in such a way that users get free 1500 words to use when they sign up to my website and I integrated stripe here too in which users can purchase words( that’s the token) when their free plan get used up.
Now each time a user generates something e.g a blog title, product description etc, I want the number of words to be deducted from the users’ available words each time the user generates something.
But I don’t what to do. I added the countable plugin to do this but all to no avail. The users’ available words still remains the same.
I need help.

Any idea would be much appreciated.

Current Users Words - [API call's sentence/paragraph/whatever]:split by ( space):count

Thanks for this suggestion, I’ll try it out and give you a feedback

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Didn’t see that option

Me needs more information to be able to help

Here where you see Palabras: 10,000

I reduced the free plan to 1,500
So in this screen, I’m in the blog title generator space and I’ll input whatever i want in the input (blog ideas) and select a language below.
Now, when I click on generate, I want the available words to decrease regarding to what AI generated

Yes so when the user generates the answer, and it makes the API call, do Make changes to Current user, change their “words” field to Current Users Words - [Result of API call’s sentence/paragraph/whatever]:split by ( space):count

The API call should be set up as action instead of data.

Then after it modifies credits you can display the result on your page either directly to a group or in a custom state, or create a database thing, etc.

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