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Too big images - compress a lot of images

Hello all,

I face a big problem. I’ve launch my app since a few months. People can add photos, so they did. 3500 photos. I had the bad surprise to receive a bubble email saying “you’ve using 7go on the 10go allowed for storing” :confused:

So I changed things, now picture uploaded by users are not full size and instead of 3mb each photo it is some dozen of kbs.

But what I need to solve now is compress the previous uploaded photos and get them in the right field. I don’t have in mind a strategy for this and I hope someone could have an idea to make it like some kind of batch, because If I need to do it one by one, I’m gonna spend all my nights on it for the next months :confused:

Thank youuu

Hey Sarah,

Are you currently using an API to resize uploaded images? If so, maybe you could run a recursive workflow on the existing ones with the same API service and overwrite the original.

Hey @petter for now I’m using the native Picture Uploader from Bubble, with “limit image size before upload” checked.

I’m working to use the Zeroqobe AWS Any file plugin to store images on S3.

I’ve also tried Image compression. Both plugin doesn’t work in backend.

I didn’t think about this solution that can be a good one. I’m gonna try with TinyPNG – Developer API but if you know another service ?

thanks !

I haven’t used the API myself, but I’ve used manually a lot for single images, blog posts, etc. Can’t speak from experience on the API, but could be worth checking out.

It can resize in addition to compressing, so should get you covered. They also have some smart features like recognizing the object of the photo and avoiding cropping a face for example.

Edit: Ah, I saw you added this now.

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