Compress File On Download


I’m trying to allow users to download a large file (JPG) at a smaller file size by compressing it.

I’m having no luck with the Compressor and Uploader Plugin and I don’t want to create a 2nd version of the file.

Any help would be great, thanks

What if you compress the image file right after you or your users upload it? In the image uploader, you can toggle the “limit image size before upload” to compress the size.

This way, you wouldn’t need to compress the image if your users want to download it since it is already lightweight

Are you using bubble naive image uploader?

Yeah I would do that, however I need them to be able to download the large file also.

As I said, I can create a second version in the database but I’d like to avoid it if possible to free up storage space.

Yes I am :slight_smile:

Have you tried ticking “Limit image size before upload” as ticked in the screenshot?

Yeah I did see that. However my issue is this. I’m wanting to upload the full highest resolution.

I need my users to download a high resolution version of the file for print applications. As well as download the same file as a low res version for web applications. Hope that makes sense?

I’m reluctant to create a copy of the file, as my storage will go through the roof as I’ve got thousands of files of high resolution.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 6.33.58 pm

Based on your example in other post, small-scale copies would take additional 10% of storage, why does this matter?

You can also arrange separate S3 storage directly at AWS (there were some guides and plugins to use it instead of bubble’s S3), it’s gonna be much cheaper, very much.