Too many workflows generated

I’m super confused. I’m hitting capacity really quickly on a search which isn’t pulling from a large database at all. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

Essentially, it’s finding a “module access” for a participant (initial search before filtering should reduce this to a potential 3 right now per participant from a total database of <1k)
Then on the first filter, it’s calling for if the participant has submitted answers to questions in this module (total answers against their profile is <100) or if the module access is still open
The answers filter is whether the answer has been completed

I can’t say for sure without seeing your database structure, but I would say the high number and complexity of these Advanced Filters, including additional conditions doing advanced filters just for counts, will indeed very quickly use a lot of resources. If it’s looking through 1000 items for 100 answers each, it’s going to load all of that data onto the page first, which effectively dumps your entire database at once. I feel you’d be better served simplifying your search, restructuring your database, including denormalizing data where necessary. If you can get rid of any advanced:filtered searches and instead look only at the top level of the datatype, that would help you significantly.

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The module access initial search = 3
The answers initial search = <100
Of these 100, it’s those incomplete

@beccijanereid it’s mainly because of the advanced filtering.

It also saves WUs to use first item is not empty instead of count is not 0 btw. See this great thread about this: Search: count is 0? Or Search:first item is empty?

For anyone interested - it looks like it’s a bubble bug. Bubble are working on it atm.

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