Toolbox Javascript: Open Link in New Tab attaches bubble domain ahead of link URL?

Hey All,

I have a repeating group that contains media files (each with their own link). When a user clicks the media file it should open to an external webpage.

The open in new tab is working using the Toolbox plug in and script :“”)

However for some reason the new tab also opens Bubbles entire URL in front of the external link (

The media files have a stored link:

And my workflow is setup accordingly:

How do I drop my custom domain/bubble and open directly to the stored link that appears at the end of the URL in image 1?


The URL needs to contain the Scheme (i.e. https://) for it to work…

So either add that in the javascript before the saved Link from your database, or make sure all Links saved in your database contain the correct full URL including the scheme.

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That does make sense! Thank you. But now it’s encountered a new problem.

As soon as I include the scheme (both in the script OR in the link itself from the database) it longer opens anything?


I see that it has the right scheme in my debugger:

No indications on my browser either for any kind of block popup.

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That’s strange, I can’t see anything wrong with that…

Try deleting the workflow action and recreating it - sometimes that helps fix minor bugs like that.

@adamhholmes very strange.

Earlier it was working to open a new tab without the scheme.

Now the javascript won’t do anything at all. Scheme or not?!

Tried deleting the flow, wiping my browsers cache.


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Yep… I’ve never come across that issue before… (if you hadn’t posted the pic of the debugger I’d be certain there was an issue with your data - but if you’re still using the same data, i.e. the current cell’s link is, then I really don’t know)…

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Appreciate the help!

Yeah very odd that the script is no longer working. Will keep messing with it though lol.


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