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Toolbox plugin - collection of utility elements

Thanks @mishav for this plugin. I should be missing something very basic but I can’t deal with decimal number with the JS module. This extremely simple script
with Quantity being a decimal format :

will work with n integr but not with a decimal like7.3 or 7,3 (European).
Always get the following error :
Error message
What do I miss ?

hi @mishav

I am trying to return a true/false variable from server script and for some reason am having trouble returning a variable from the script.

Are you able to clarify why this is failing to return a variable. Thanks

Hey there @mishav ! Hope everything i’ts fine!

I’ve been using the ListItemExpression inside the plugin to compose arrays from a repeating group for quite sometime now, and today is the first error i ran into.


Every time that i add something to the list, this pop up shows, it started a couple hours ago, since this is the only third party plugin i use on the page, i think it can be something that changed maybe? i dont know.

Thanks for the attention!

hi @agoo7714 ,
Did you finally find a solution?

I am trying to use an “if” conditional too:

But I am not being able to make the conditional work.

Is there something wrong with my sintax?
What am I doing wrong?


Hey @mfel.cruz

I ended up using “true” and "false as text variables rather than as boolean values and this worked. Not the ideal solution but still works. Let me know if that helps or if you find a way to make it work with booleans :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I am using the javascript to obtain the referring website and im having challenges doing it. Im using this java script then creating data base entries obtaining data from that referring link the java script bring in.

I’ve been trying to follow this example: [How-to] Get referring website for analytics - Tips - Bubble Forum


I’m using the plugin and the element JavascriptToBubble, and I am getting a weird behavior with “window.addEventListener”.
I am using the function and it seems like there is a race condition on the response of the javascript to Bubble element. I am running an action that should change the URL parameter when I get a specific message and it looks like because there are several messages coming very fast the javascript to bubble element is not running the flow.

Did anyone experience that?
The code:

window.addEventListener(‘message’, (event) => {
console.log("message is: " +;
}, false);


Thank you very much for such an amazing plugin @mishav

I am trying to run 3 javascript workflows, they have async functions inside and I have put await statements to make the code synchronous and each individual block works exactly as desired but, the next workflow doesn’t wait for the previous one to finish executing. I tried disable the asynchrounous option but it still does the same. Can someone please help me with this @mishav .

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Hi. I have 8 Server Scripts on page and some of them give me 2 errors. How can I know what Server Script do it?


Hey @mishav & the rest of the gang. First, wanted to thank you TONS for an amazing plugin :pray:! Have an API that requires sending a zero byte (0x00) and was able to achieve it using Toolbox Expression of \0 with result of text. Need to do the same in API Workflows and trying to achieve it using Toolbox Server Script ‘\0’ for data and “data” for Node script. Doesn’t work. I’ve tried several variations of the data (\0 \0 ‘\0’ etc.) but no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA.

Hi, how can I make an Expression element refresh when the user clicks a button?