Toolbox Plugin - Issue with Chrome Extensions

Hi there.

I’m using the Toolbox Plugin in one of my projects.

The thing is: the Bubble Console (under the debug mode) started throwing me some errors, like:

The plugin Toolbox / element Javascript to Bubble threw the following error: Error: Expected a string, but got a object (original data: {"target":"metamask-inpage","data":{"name":"metamask-provider","data":{"method":"metamask_chainChanged","params":{"chainId":"0x38","networkVersion":"56"}}}})
        at r.generate_JS_to_bubble_error (
        at Object.JS_to_bubble ( (please report this to the plugin author)

I’m using the Javascript to Bubble element from Toolbox:

This error is thrown when some browser extensions are enabled, such as Metamask or MYKI, for instance - the moment the page is loaded.

Is there a way to avoid these errors? Maybe some way to block the plugin from accessing the browser extensions.

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hey @logins any news or fix for this by any chance?

Unfortunately nothing so far :neutral_face: