Toolbox JS error when creating json

I’m using Toolbox JS to generate a ‘pretty complex’ json that I then send via API to then create a PDF. This has been working well so far, with every item of my app.
But with one specific item on my app, this is not working.
The problem is with a ‘live’ item, so I can’t really debug because I don’t have access to it in staging… So I’m also interested in ideas on how to debug that…

I’m getting an error :

Bug in custom code anonymous/<@PLUGIN_1488796042609x768734193128308700/Toolbox-action--Run-javascript-.js:3:390
setTimeout handler*anonymous@PLUGIN_1488796042609x768734193128308700/Toolbox-action--Run-javascript-.js:3:36

and then

Error: expected expression, got ','

So it seems the json is not generating, but I can’t find the reason why…
I checked that all the content that goes through the json is ‘formatted as json safe’.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but on page load, I get this error on Firefox :

Content-Security-Policy : Page parameters prevented a resource from being loaded inline (« script-src »).

Any help is appreciated :pray:

Update : I have a feeling the problem actually comes from the ‘format as json safe’ command not working…
When I look at the json, it has too many backslashes… It escapes "text" as \\"text\\"instead of \"text\"and that seems to be messing it all… Anybody else experiencing that ?

Yes I have the same issue on my app, but it seems like there is a problem in Bubble because it worked fine this morning…