Tooltip Text for Images

I really appreciate now having tooltips for textfields and icons. Can this also be added for the image fields? As of now the tooltip option is not available when using images.

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A really good idea!!

We just added that.


Has it been released yet? I’m looking at two separate pages and don’t see it. Thanks.

Also, would you consider adding it for “Group” items, too? In the example above, the icon is situated inside of a group element, creating a button for the person to select. It results in a wider area of selection for the user and allows me to change the color of the whole area when a user highlights. Thanks!

You should refresh

Thanks, I see the update now.


Can we please add tooltips to the input element?



I’ll add my “2-cents” here. I would like tool tips for the input element also. Even though it already has the “Placeholder” property which could serve the same purpose, when the input box is bound to a field in the database, the placeholder does not appear. Rather, the item from the database appears in the input. Sometimes it would be nice to have that tool tip to give additional information on the nature of the item in the input box.


Rather than creating a new thread, I’ll just revive this one. All elements should have the Tooltip functionality. Thanks!