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Hi all

I have built and released numerous web apps on Bubble in the last few years. None have gone mad, but generally been some fun and had some good feedback. One quiz app I launched had 1000+ registered users in a couple of weeks (for example).

I have launched a web app recently which has had okay traffic (around 100 unique visitors spending an average of 3.5 mins), but not one single sign up.

From my end testing it, it works. I am definitely no marketer, nor a designer and it’s a simple layout.

I don’t expect most people who visit to sign up, but I would have thought at least one person would have so far, especially as the visitors are not going to the site by accident.

I would welcome ANY constructive thoughts and feedback on what the issues are that are stopping people registering.

Thanks in advance.

Install Hotjar, it’s your best friend here.

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Hi there, @andmilne… I can give you some firsthand feedback because I am one of the 100 unique visitors who spent some amount of time north of the 3.5 minute average poking around your app and didn’t sign up. That being said, you will have to take any feedback I give you with a mountain of salt because I’ve never been able to get any traction on any of the apps (five in total) I’ve built with Bubble, and that includes an app that has literally helped to keep a person alive every day for well over a year by calculating their insulin dosage at every meal. An app doesn’t get much more “mission critical” than that, and nobody other than the person for whom I built the app seems to care. So, again, I don’t know jack about getting people to use apps. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, the first thought I had when I visited your app is that it’s a classic chicken and egg thing. I wasn’t going to create a poll because nobody is creating and taking polls, but nobody is creating and taking polls because nobody else is creating and taking polls. True, you have some polls there already, but none of them were interesting to me, and with no results appearing, it just looked like dummy data to me. So, maybe seed the heck out of your app with lots of polls across lots of diverse topic areas, and then have everyone you know (i.e., family and friends) answer those polls so at least there is some “real” stuff to look at when people visit for the first time?

Now, even though I mentioned that none of the existing polls were interesting to me, I attempted to answer the “Top 5 Horrible Years in Human History” poll by putting 2020 in all five answer slots because, well, you know, 2020. When I hit the submit button, I wasn’t necessarily expecting to have to create a profile in order to submit my answers. So, maybe consider allowing people to submit answers to polls without having to create a profile? If I am you, I want as many poll results as possible, so I don’t want anything standing in the way of someone submitting results. Also, if I let a visitor submit answers to a few polls, maybe they would be more likely to want to create a profile and submit a poll of their own? And yes, I realize you would get some jerks like me submitting garbage answers, but hopefully that would be a very small minority, and honestly, what difference does it really make?

Okay, so all of the above being said, I actually did click the link to create a free profile, and that’s when I noped out of there for good. There is absolutely no way in hell I am giving up personal information (especially my date of birth) to create a profile for an app I don’t care even the tiniest bit about. And it doesn’t matter if that information is required or not (which is impossible to tell on your form, although I think it is required)… the fact that you are asking for it at all made me close the form without blinking and never look back.

So, there have you it… two cents from a visitor who didn’t sign up for your app. Hope some/any/all of that is at least somewhat helpful, and I wish you the best of luck!



Thanks Mike. Great feedback and much appreciated.

Yes, the content level is an issue. I will have to spend some time creating as many polls over as many topics as possible.

Re the personal info…

DoB, nationality and gender are required so

  1. The results can be broken down across those areas for greater insight
  2. People can set polls to only be open to certain people (i.e. age range, gender, locations)
  3. I only want people 18 years and over using the site in the case of people creating unsuitable content for minors.

Not sure how I am going to get around this one…

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You don’t need date of birth to “enforce” the age requirement, and it doesn’t work anyway. Rumor has it there are sites on the interweb that just make people click a button to “confirm” they are the appropriate age to see certain content, and it seems to work just fine for those sites. If you really are worried about it, you could have a checkbox on your sign up form that states something along the lines of, “By signing up for this app, I confirm that I am over x years of age and willing to see content that could be offensive to some viewers.” Make no mistake, though… I AM NOT A LAWYER… so this suggestion is based solely off of what other sites seem to do when it comes to getting consent to show questionable content. You should obviously check with someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about if you truly are worried about it.

About breaking down results and enabling polls to only be open to certain people, you could still do those things even if you made the personal information optional after a user creates a profile. True, a lot of users would not provide that info, and you might not get exactly what you want out of those features… but isn’t that better than nobody signing up at all because they don’t want to provide the personal info up front? I would think so, but that’s just me.


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From my understanding, @mikeloc is spot on regarding the statement “by signing up I agree…”. Also, I don’t believe you need the checkbox, the act of clicking the sign up button is sufficient.

Having said that, I also have to point that I am not a lawyer. BTW, if you need an IP guy, PM me.

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Your app doesnt solve any problem, polls feature is an addition to apps that already have a community like a forum or social network.

I suggest you find another idea if youre looking for traffic here.

And you did not acknowledge @nocodeventure suggestion of using Hotjar.

the way many apps solve this is that not upon signup but after answering 3 or 10 polls, or a month after signup, they ask for additional data saying something like.

“Hi user, if you wish you can add your DoB, nationality and gender here. Providing this will allow you to access new filters to compare your results to that of other users and gain greater insights”.

I have to agree with @Taiheta, I’m not clear on what problem you’re solving. Also, I don’t know what the compelling case is for either stickiness (why should I give you any user info and sign up) or viral motivation (why do I want to share this with others).

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Thanks for all your feedback…

@nocodeventure Thanks for the Hotjar tip - I’ve had a very quick look and will look again for sure.

@mikeloc I have removed the need for signup and for personal info and just reverted to an IP system (which is what I was going to do in the first place but decided against it). Does not give the potential level of insights into results, but the right trade off in the circumstances.

@SerPounce and @Taiheta You’re right, it doesn’t solve any problems and it never set out to. It’s not meant to be the next big thing, just a bit of fun really as I try to improve my bubble skills over time.

@TipLister Yes, good idea - could be something I look at further down the track if it ever gets there.

Thanks again one and all for all your help and suggestions.



@nocodeventure Thanks. I’m using Hotjar and it’s a great tool. Cheers for the tip.

I have (almost) completely redesigned it now. It’s far simpler and (hopefully) user friendly, as well as (again hopefully) being more engaging.

Only added a couple of polls since launching the new live version earlier today, but am hoping to have some time to do more over the next few days. If I’m lucky, maybe some other people will add their own as well.

Any thoughts on the new version greatly appreciated once again.

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