The "Should I use Bubble?" app - looking for feedback from experienced Bubblers

This thread and countless others gave me the idea of a simple app to provide information when asking the question “Should I use Bubble for my app?”, so I put this together over the weekend (yeah, on my time off from Bubble, I Bubble),

This is obviously meant as a bit of fun and not to be taken 100% seriously, but at the same time I actually do hope that it may shed light on some important points to take into consideration when trying to decide whether to use Bubble for a project or not if you’re new to this platform.

My judgement alone is probably not completely balanced, so looking for experience Bubblers who can contribute some feedback;

  • Is it asking the right questions?
  • Does the report/advice make sense?
  • Does it seem fairly balanced?
  • See any bugs or typos?



I like this a lot!

Some feedback:

  • The 2nd question on each page was weird to me. I didn’t understand what it was asking. To me, it’s more confusing than valuable.
  • I’d also like to get some indication of how many questions are left for me to answer.
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Thanks @andrewgassen

  • you mean the ‘extra comment’ on some questions? I was thinking they needed some clarification, but perhaps they’re actually clearer without it
  • that’s a good suggestion, thanks! :pray:

The questions seem good…I’d only suggest changing the background color. It is a pretty color, but it messed with my eyes while answering questions and after I closed the page it took a minute to readjust my eyes

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Each question had the actual question, but it also had the “How Important is this question to you?” slider.

I’m referring to the 2nd slider on each of the pages, it just felt unnecessary to me. How are you using it?

Ah, ok I see, I misunderstood your comment.

The way it works now is that each question receives a score from -10 to +10 based on the first slider. The second slider multiplies this value by 1, 2 or 3, so that a +10 reply with high importance would give a +30 score.

This in turn also determines which comments you will see in the final report, hiding those that are not relevant.

Each question is also given a maximum possible score (10*importance value), to be able to calculate the final value (actual score / maximum possible score).

So it’s pretty bound up in the app’s logic, but maybe a slider wasn’t the best choice from a UX perspective.

Writing this from mobile, so ignore typos :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk:

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Cool idea! Could you possibly change the font size and background color a bit. It’s a little hard to read on larger monitors.

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Pretty cool tool, nice job!

I opened this on my phone and it doesn’t seem to be mobile friendly yet — it would be nice to be able to do this on my phone!

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Yeah, I tried it on my phone last night, and did not look pretty :slightly_smiling_face: I can see from the comments here that the UX needs an update in general, both fonts/colors are probably not quit there yet.

Will give it some experimentation in the coming days.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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I’ve pretty much given it a complete re-design now. The features are the same, but it’s easier on the eyes and more mobile-friendly.

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

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It was fun to do and thanks for putting this together. From a usability perspective, I would have preferred the “no” to always be on the left and the “yes” to always be on the right. Overall it worked well though.

I agreed with the assessment except for the young company part. Bubble is not big, but it has a bigger team and/or has been around longer vs. some other low-code options. Also, relying on a niche product from a very large company can be risky. They will sometimes shut down software they feel isn’t growing or isn’t big enough to devote resources to.

In the no/low code world, in recent years Google shut down App Maker, and Adobe shut down Business Catalyst. At least with a smaller company, their product will receive 100% of their attention and efforts.

@ed727 thanks for the feedback, and you make a good point, especially the part about big companies shutting down similar projects which can actually increase the risk working with mega corporations.

I’ll give it some thought, this point really comes down to guesswork about the future, and maybe doesn’t belong in the survey at all.

Ok, so did another update, which is probably the final major one.

  • Updated the design to match the rest of my website, as I decided to place it on a subdomain. You may like or dislike the colors, but they’re MY colors god damn it
  • Discovered that mentioning the word Bubble in the Bubble domain settings is a breach of their Terms of use and will result in an error message. Was planning to use Meditating for a while on what the final URL will be
  • Changed it so that YES is always right and NO is always left, based on @ed727 `s feedback, so thanks again for that
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