Total recurring group

I would appreciate some help from you guys if possible as I can’t find the answer for this.

How can I add up the totals of a repeating group such as in this image? Year 1 total should equal $6, year 2 and 3 should also total at the bottom when completed. This needs to include the total of additional rows if added. The Total’s fields are outside of the repeating group.

I’m not sure if this should be by a custom state, modifying a thing or if there’s any other way to achieve this



Hello John, for set the total inputs you should do this:

Go to the input -> Insert dynamic data -> Search the repeating group -> List of “X” (The pointing) -> Now select Year 1:sum for sum all the values that’s on Year 1. Even if you add new values.


Also if you want check yourself there’s link to page & editor:


Thank you very much for this. When I go to the page link the page keeps refreshing and I am unable to look at it properly.

You should be okay now, i were editing it, thats why was refreshing. Sorry for that.

Thanks, this is very helpful. Is it possible though so the end user just has to input the numbers directly without having to click on the pen/edit icon first?

That icon its only for edit the cell. I added an add button just for you can see how the flow works.
If you want to edit the cells directly you must add a save button instead of pen icon.

Thank you very much for your patience and your time to put this together. I have looked through how you set this up and managed to replicate and setup in my app.

Thanks again.

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