Totally Weird Bug/Behavior in Plugin Editor: "Shared" Actions

Just realized some rather strange behavior in the @Bubble plugin editor: This became apparent when working on my new Time Grid plugin. I started by making a copy of Calendar Grid Pro and then modified the element name, made edits to the code, etc.

All of this works fine, except that ACTIONS defined for that element (and the Action code/functions) seem to still be tied to the original version of the plugin. There are two odd things that happen (well, they are really two aspects of the same thing):

  1. The Actions for the newer (copied) plug-in are now named for the new element. They “take over” and the old actions no longer show. So, for example, if you have an action “Next Month” for Calendar Grid (the original), and you modified it to be “Next Grid” for Time Grid (the copy), in the Bubble editor you only see Element Actions for Time Grid.

That is, you can no longer execute action “Next Month” for Calendar Grid.

  1. This is all fine and dandy(ish) if you do not modify the Action code. However, if “Next Grid” (which used to be “Next Month”) has entirely different code, this will cause all sorts of errors as the “new” Action code is executed, rather than the correct (orginal plugin-specific) Action code.

I guess this might be one of those things nobody has ever run into before.

I’m not sure what happens if one removes the copied element from the plugin and then puts it back… (currently trying that).

Here’s a picture that perhaps explains the odd behavior a bit better:

^^^ as you can see, the Actions for Time Grid have “run over” the actions for Calendar Grid. Funky, eh?

And, just to make this more clear: Here is a snip of the various elements within this plugin environment: Calendar Grid Pro is the “original” in this context and Time Grid Pro is the copy which has modified actions:

And a little update: Removing the copied element, moving it to its own plugin, and then pasting it back into the original plugin does not fix the incorrect behavior. The re-pasted element once again takes over the original element’s Actions.

This is really crummy.

(Clarification, however: Removing the “copy” - Time Grid Pro in this case - does restore proper function to the original Element’s Actions. However, there seems to be no way to make the Elements happily co-exist within the same plugin environment. Def a bug in plugin builder.)

And some further clarification: The “copied” element does not “take over” ALL aspects of the original element. Function Update and Function Initialize continue to be fully independent in both versions. The extent of this bug so far seems limited to Actions (though there may be other issues I’ve not discovered yet that are related).

Thanks for posting Keith…I think I’m hitting something similar today. I copied a private plugin a few days ago, and began testing today. I’m seeing behavior I can’t explain on some api calls, which leads me to believe it is using the hidden values (for app client id’s and secret’s) from the original plugin. I can’t say for sure, but it is really starting to look like that.

EDIT: Turns out, it was not in the plugin. I rebuilt from scratch and no change. The problem was similar though – I had copied an api workflow action, and changed the api it was using. It had definitely trapped something from the original. I rebuilt that action from scratch, and all the issues went away.

@keith thanks for highlighting this. Can you submit a detailed bug report so our team can investigate

Hi @DavidS, will do. I’ll assemble a test case and example for you.