Copy & Paste on plugin editor gone?

Just noticed that I’m not able to copy & paste elements or actions anymore like I had been able to at one point.

Was this removed? Is it an extension I am using?

facing the same issue … no idea whats going on. making small element changes in plugins is so difficult now

Yeah I’m sad I cant just duplicate an element.

Main reasoning is when I want to test a new code or properties, I just duplicate the element/action then make changes on the old one and have a copy of the original so if I make a mistake or break it, I can just revert to the older element.

Same here, I also cannot click on the Help or the Account icon on the top bar, or at least something’s happening but I cannot see the group focus it would open, so it might be related

If enough people are experiencing this, I think it may be time to submit a bug report?

Its a good idea to submit a bug report regardless of how many other people experience the probem :wink:

Well if it’s an extension I am using, or other people aren’t experiencing the issue, then it could be a browser problem or extension problem on my end only. I typically don’t like to submit a bug until I know it’s a bug.

@grace.hong … Noticed that you could potentially help to get this to the Bubble dev team

Please kindly advise on why the plugin section copy and paste was disabled. We cant copy elements or api calls etc which is slowing down development

Please refer this to the Bubble dev team as needed

Just wanted to update here that a fix has been pushed for this behavior, and you should now be able to successfully copy and paste elements and api calls within the plugin editor, but please submit a bug report if this is still persists for anyone!