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Track Mouse Movement

Is there a way to track when the users mouse moves off the website. As in to close a tab in the browser or click the back button, etc.

Here is an example

Once you move your mouse off the website it displays a popup.


One approach might be to create a group around your entire page. Then overlay it with another group that holds your real stuff - creating a “margin” that borders the entire page. Set that bottom group to conditional when hover - so as the mouse passes over it, you might know they are moving to the edge of the browser page of your app. But since bubble is down I’m not sure if this will work as I can’t test it - if you move your mouse too fast will the “hover” catch it? If you have it on the bottom will the group in front override just the bottom just until the margin? Not sure…

I think the simplest Bubble solution you could play around with is triggering something when an transparent shape is hovered. Otherwise, integrating with third-party tools that could help with exit intent.

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Great thanks!. When bubble is running again I’ll try these options.

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