Tracking/Counting 'impressions' of things

Hi all,

I run an activity directory on bubble.
I already track activity views and outbound links. This is easy with a workflow on either page load or click on element.

What I would love to add is tracking of ‘impressions’: that is counting every time a specific activity is shown in repeating groups, in automated mailings, etc. More or less every time a ‘search for’ is executed that includes a specific activity ‘thing’ (and is actually loaded - in case of lazy loading).

This is very similar to how Facebook / LinkedIn report their ‘impressions’ of ads they run, or how google search console shows you how often your website is listed for certain search terms.

Has anyone dealt with this before?
I have a hard time coming up with a good starting point.


I think if you put a reusable element inside the repeating group, and put all your elements inside the reulsable element, you can do “On page load” inside the reusable element and have that trigger the +1 impression. So whenever the reusable element is visible in each cell it would trigger it.

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Hi @tylerboodman ,

Thanks such a direction might be a good way to tackle repeating groups!
Now I just need a way to trigger from background workflow processes…

Did you ever manage to find a solution for this? I am looking for a way to do exactly the same thing.

Hi @dailywine,

I didn’t. Ended up focussing on other things first. Let me know if the suggestion of @tylerboodman works!