Tracking event hours in calendar week


I’m using the fullCalendar and would like to track the number of event hours each calendar week.
I was able to create a variable that stores total number of event hours, however, I am not sure how to identify a calendar week.

Thanks for your help.

Perhaps this interesting video by @romanmg can spark some ideas > Working with Dates in your App

Apologies I might not have explained it well. I’ve created a structure for storing the number of hours for each event created in the calendar. However, I’d like to split that to get event hours per week but do not know how to identify a calendar week.

Thanks again.

  • You can either get to the calendar week by setting an initial date to 1/1/2020 (and get to 0 hour) + 7 days.

  • Another alternative is to use a plugin that enables you to get this week and get future or past week by adding or substracting 7 days (do not forget to get to 0 hour):