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Im using bubbles Full Calendar plugin and am having issues figuring out how to get the count of events in a particular day.

My setup looks like this:

Workflow when creating an event

The popups data source

This is where Im trying to get the count for the number of events right now I get the total number of events but need the total number for that particular day.

The preview it displays 9 instead of 4

Thank You.

Hi there, @luminrabbit… what does the filter look like in the 5th screenshot?


Hi @mikeloc,

The filter is:

I also tried:
Calendar A’s current day’s events:count (but that’s always zero) but doing Calendar A’s give me these options:

's current event
's current day’s event
's current day
's current date range

Also Ive made the app public

Hmm, I’m not sure what you are trying to do, and I don’t understand the purpose of the EventCount field. Are you clicking on a specific event on a specific day, and in the resulting popup, you want to see a count of all of the events that are scheduled for that day?

Hi Mike,

For right now Im just trying to get the total number of events in whatever day is selected (maybe Im doing this in the wrong spot I just chose that popup to test with) on Sunday May 1st 2022 there are 2 events so I was using EventCount to try and get that number.

Ideally later I’ll use it to limit the number of events visible.

I added another element under the one you had, and it appears to be showing the right number. You might need to play around with it because I don’t understand all of the details of the events, but it looks like a step in the right direction.

Whoa! That’s it you did it! Thanks Mike hopefully someday I can repay you for your kindness and helping out (You are Awesome my friend!).

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I just changed it because I don’t think the advanced filter was necessary… it looks like it is still producing the correct result.

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I see StartDateTime its so cool being able to see you maneuver around. Thank you Mike!
For those looking to get the event count Mike used:

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