Transfer app ownership

Thanks for this – very helpful info! just what I was looking for! Followup question to the above conversation. When an app is transferred, does that transfer any paid plugins licenses to the new owner as well?

A very good question for which I do not have an answer :slight_smile:

@neerja, could you clarify how billing of plugins works when an app is transferred?

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@richardsherman You can change the paying user for an app from app settings > app plan. Since a plugin subscription is tied to the app plan, the new paying user will pay for those as well. Reach out to support if you run into any issues during app transfer.


Thanks! That answers my question perfectly! Appreciate it!

Hi Dan,
I am on an Agency plan so I can develop apps for other people. I may develop many apps over time. How do I transfer an app over to a customer’s account. I don’t want all my apps to transfer to the customer’s account, just the specific one that I created for them. Thanks. Mary

Hi Mary.

Go to app settings and then click on the Collaboration tab.

You’ll see a gray box towards the bottom that says “Invite a user (email)”. Type in the email address of the customer (client) that you want to transfer the app to and then click the “Transfer” button.

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Hey Eddie, That was it. Many thanks for the quick reply and the accurate instructions. Mary

To add, the transferee email address should be associated with a valid Bubble email account. So, your client should already have a Bubble account before you attempt a transfer.

In addition, if you used paid features with your agency account (API workflows, custom domain, etc.), the transferee should switch from the Agency plan association to a paid plan.

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Thanks for following up Dan. Just another bit of clarification needed … can the paid plan for my client be a Personal plan ($16 per month I think)

Yes, a Personal plan is sufficient for basic paid features, removing Bubble branding, etc.

It might depend on how you built the app for your client.

If, for example, you have scheduled workflows in the app that need to run daily, then a Personal plan would not be sufficient. Another example would be if the app needs more than one collaborator, then a Personal plan would not be sufficient.

You can see what features are available with which plans here… and click on “compare plans” on the left hand side of the page.

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Thanks Eddie. That is fair. Certainly a small client can doesn’t need me to be a collaborator on their app. I can always support them verbally. Mary

Also, just FYI, if you are an agency it doesn’t count you as a collaborator anyways so you can always give support to them without them upgrading the plan from personal. Just have them add your email to collaborators. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

If we want to use a paid template to build an app for a client, is the correct and only way to have the template purchased directly by the client from his Bubble account?

I wouldn’t be able to purchase the template with my own account, build the app as one of mine, and transfer it later when completed, right (to retain ownership until full payment)?

I’m referring to this:

Worked fine for me.

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If you export the json, you can import it I think on the clients account.

Hello i have the same problem i have built an app and not sure why i cant transfer it. to the other account, please help. i currently have an agency plan

Hey there @ijumucloud,

Check out this docs article: Collaboration - Bubble Docs

This is my problem as well.
I just need transfer my app to another account - just one of them, with free plan.
In free plan is not possible, with plan that allow collaborators is expensive.

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Hello Guys, needs some help

I am using an agency plan, if i added my client as a collaborator to his project in my agency account will he be able to change app to paid plan ? also will the same app will be shown under that paid plan in my account ?