Transfer app ownership

Is it currently possible to transfer ownership of a Bubble app from one Bubble account to another Bubble account?

Example scenario 1: I build a Bubble app for a client under my Bubble account and then want to transfer the app to the client’s Bubble account when the project is completed.

Example scenario 2: A side project Bubble app starts getting some traction and so I decide I’d like to move the app to its own separate Bubble account for billing / administrative purposes.

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If you go to My account, you can change the email associated with that account, but this happens for all apps under that account, not just one. So for every new project you can create a new email address and use it.
It’s not ideal but will work for both your use cases until we build a more granular permission system.

As a pro tip, you can use a single Gmail (or Google Apps) address for multiple accounts by adding +identifier before the @ sign.
For example, if you already signed up with [email protected], you can sign up again with [email protected] and your emails will go to the same address but they are different accounts in Bubble. See


Sounds good George. Much appreciated!

@georgeciobanu Is this still the way to do it?

Yes it is.

I am maybe not understanding this usecase, and how it can be actioned.

About the do exactly this, build something for a third party (and I want to use my account for now). At the end I may want to transfer it to their account - or rather, how do they create an account and then have me transfer the app ?

How do I do this ?

If you want to start building apps for people, you should reach out to us and we’ll make one of your accounts a partner account.

I initially signed up with my personal Google account (Login with Google) just to test it out, I ended up building an app that I now want to use on a separate Google Apps email. It would appear this is more than simply changing an email in my account settings. Can someone shed some light on how I’d do this?

Reach out to support with the appname and the two accounts.


Ok thanks

Hi - wanted to share the following info 'cause I couldn’t find it thru searching the different topics (just found this thread) so reached out to Bubble support for help.
I had multiple bubble accounts and wanted to consolidate them. To move an app from one account to the other, do the following:
Go to app settings> collaboration> enter new owner email in the input at the bottom of the page > click ‘Transfer’ button.

Super easy and quick to do. Hope this is helpful info to others.


I have an app (free plan) running on Bubble’s engine V3 that doesn’t have the option to be transferred. What could be the reason?

My other apps (also on free plans) on V3 can be transferred without problems :

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I think I found out why. The app I can’t transfer is built on a (free) template :confused:

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I can understand the restriction if it’s based on the template. But if the template price = $0, then you should still have the ability to transfer it. (Though I believe that may still copy the underlying template association, leaving you in the same situation).

Seems like it’d be worth following up with Bubble Support.

I think I read somewhere that you can transfer an app that is based on a paid template and that transfers ownership of the paid template too. Anyway, I ended up copying each group and recreating the workflows in a blank app and that did it. Wasn’t long as it was just a one-pager. But not sure to understand the purpose of that limitation regarding free template…

How do i check the previous transactions on bubble

Having some trouble transferring a site I built for a friend to him. When I enter his email in the Invite a user (email) field on the Collaborators route in setting, the invite/transfer app button are not clickable. Any ideas what could be the issue?

Demo of issue:

In order to transfer, there has to be a Bubble account associated with that email address. So, if your friend hasn’t set up an account, that could be a reason why.

Also, a minor thing (hard to tell from the video). It looks like you may have a space following the email address?

If that doesn’t resolve, let me know and I’ll take a closer look.

Man, you were right @dan1. When I pasted the email address an extra space was being added. Good spot and thank you!

Glad that worked. :slight_smile: