Transfer Starter Plan to different app?

Hi. I see there isn’t a way to copy a dev instance to a production instance.

I have a Starter Plan on one App, but my development on a different (free plan) app has gone further. I don’t want to have to replicate it all in the app on the Starter Plan. Is there a way to concurrently downgrade the existing App with the Starter Plan, and use the remaining time (3 weeks?) on a different App instead?

Hi there, @85bears… there is no way to do what you described because a plan is specific to one app. I guess you could contact Bubble support to see if they might do something for you as a one-off, but again, it’s not possible from your end.


Thanks, Mike. Yeah, I would have been surprised to be able to do it myself. Is there a way to contact support that I am not finding? This was sort of an attempt to reach them.

Ah, okay. Yeah, you can contact them at


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