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Updating multiple instances of one app

Hello there,

If I am developing an app and I create multiple instances of it, is there any way to push the updates\changes I do on the dev version to the other instances?


I don’t know if I fully understand your question, but I’ll try to help in some way: blush :.

In professional plan you can have 2 dev versions and in production plan you can have up to 20 dev versions.

Also, in the production plan, you can have sub-apps.

Another way to let your apps communicate with each other is by using the Data API feature:

I hope this helps!

Maybe I need to add some details:
Let’s assume I develop an app which is a show software or similar and sell it to one client.
I setup an instance of that shop, and maybe another one for another client.
If I continue developing the Dev version, how are the changes pushed to the running client instances? Does that help?


Do you mean about cloning your app to sell for different customers? If you mean it, I am sorry I don’t think you can do this automatically.

Yes exactly.
So that means if I change some, I need to manually do this on the other apps as well. : -(
That’s a huge let down somehow and the manual efforts for updates are insane then.
Maybe there is another concept for this. I mean it’s a common thing, so maybe it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks for the help mateusproto!

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