Transferring a fully functioning application to another Bubble account

I have a few bubble applications that I have built. One is working really well and I want to move it to another fully functioning application.

It has 2 pages and all the database structuring. Is there a way to do this?


:frowning: Dang. Can i copy and past some of it?

No. How would you expect that to work?

All you can do is rebuild… Why would you want to?

I built it on a test account to not mess up my main. Took 3 months to build.

So is your actual request on how to transfer it to another account? And not another platform? You are confusing me.

I want to transfer it to another account. Sorry. From one Bubble to another bubble.

Yes you can do it in the settings. I don’t recall how, but it should take you a minute to figure it out. Or look for more forum posts on the subject.

What you talkin’ bout, Troy? :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge, @timlcooley, you can either go down the path of connecting the apps via the Bubble app connector plugin or you can copy and paste from one app into the other. I don’t know of any way that you can automatically bring a fully functioning app into another app.

You can transfer apps to another account, not into another app.

Never used it. Just believing what I read.

Yup, but if I understand Tim’s question correctly (and at this point, I might be just as confused as you were), that’s not what he is trying to do.

Thanks everyone! I will give these a shot.

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