Transferring App to another user

What’s the best way to transfer an app to another user on bubble? I am currently on the personal plan and it has backend workflows. Don’t really want to upgrade to Professional… unless… that’s the only way?

If I copy the app to a free plan then transfer it. Will the backend workflows appear if the end user upgrades to personal? << I’m hoping this is the case.

Hi there, @will.nft.worksthis thread should help, and yes, the backend workflows will work when the new owner upgrades to a paid plan.


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What would I do without you @mikeloc.

You are so helpful. Thank you!!!

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@mikeloc I’m back… sorry. I downgraded, and now I cannot figure out how to transfer the app.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

This may be the culprit:

I am using AirDev Canvas.

I hadn’t heard of that one before… thanks for sharing the link.

To anyone who reads this. Here is the answer as of 4-10-23.

If you downgrade to the free plan. You are able to transfer, even if it is using a free template.

You will need to click outside the input email box after you input the email and wait for transfer to appear. Took a while for me.


Sorry for the confusion!