How to transfer an App that is on Personal plan?

I have build an App that I build for a customer. This App is on Personal plan and being paid from my account. Now I am trying to transfer it to the company account. I am using the “Collaboration” tab to transfer but as soon as I click the “Transfer” button, I get an error “You are the paying user of this app, you cannot transfer ownership yet. You should unsubscribe first as a paying app cannot be transfered to another account without a cancellation first.”. What exactly I am supposed to do?

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Hi there, @mayur2… you need to do exactly what the message says. Downgrade your app to the free plan, and then you will be able to transfer it. As soon as it is transferred, the new owner will be able to upgrade it to a paid plan again.


Hi Mike,
I don’t seem to be able to find whether or not doing this will cause usability issues with the app, since it will be temporarily downgraded to free. Ie will the DB be truncated to fit within the parameters of the free plan?
Want to avoid an outage when doing this type of transfer if possible.

UPDATE: have had a reply from Bubble support - downgrading will disable (but not delete) custom domains, files, app data, perpetual license plugins, etc - until such time as you resubscribe on behalf of the client. So a planned (albeit brief) outage.