Transferring data from a cell of Repeating Group


I am working on a kind of social network app. It is native and everything is going with show and hide group manner.

In one group (lets say timeline group) I have a repeating group showing an item, its picture, its creator and its tag. The following is what I want to do and I need your help.

When the item picture is clicked I want to display a new group with that items details.
Same time when the creators name is clicked I want to show their profile in a different group.

I created groups to be displayed for those but I am stuck with data transfer from the Repeating Group’s Current Cell to the new group to displayed?

Any solutions or ideas?

Thnx in advance

What you need to do here is for the item picture group to see the details set that data source to be the data you want to display then from the repeating group item you sent a workflow first to display data in a group.

then after this you can show and hide the groups as needed.


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Very well understood and worked.

Thanks a lot!!!

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