Translating an entire app

Hey Bubblers!

I’m looking for a way to translate my app for just one language - French.

There are plugins and such but the reviews are dismal.

There is Localize but it is expensive.

I want to add the translation option in my navbar.

Any ideas?



+1 for this.

You can work with apptext for this. Then you can manage all the translations in your settings screen.

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As becode just said, you can use apptext in languages tab to translate your static content, but for dynamic content (created by users, for examples posts, messages, etc), you will need to use external API/services.

You can take a look at weglot that can translate apps and is kind of cheap…

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Thx @becode @mickael.vermand I checked out webglot and it is still quite expensive at the moment however that’s the kind of service I’d need as apptext will no give me the desired outcome I’m looking for based on @mickael.vermand recommendation.

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